Ciao Raggazzi! This is the section of the site dedicated to Italy, Vjuan Allure’s second home.
Vjuan Allure - The House/Tribal prodigy that hit Naples Italy by storm and became it's favorite
transplanted son. With a hunger for the "beatz" he established himself in clubs, radio, and
television and thoroughly implanted himself in the very fabric of Italian nightlife and beyond. So
to answer that burning question in your head – yes the kids overseas are dancing to the same
beatz you are.
While abroad Vjuan Allure crossed paths with what would become his new family. At a party for
Little Louie Vega held at “MY TOY” (Napoli) he was asked to join the top promotion team.     
Angel’s Of Love. Angels Of Love (AOL), since it’s inception, has only been second in European
entertainment and night Life to Pacha in Spain.  Now in their 15th year, AOL had only
extended   it’s open arms to a very select group of people. It’s extremely difficult to crack into
Italian night-life. Enter Vjuan Allure. He immediately became immersed in the daily goings on
with AOL and never missed a party – quickly becoming one of the most enigmatic personalities
with the AOL show..this pushed his credibility and fan base higher.
From television commercials, radio spots, posters, and flyers – the “New York House Kid” was
showing up everywhere in Southern Italy and loving it. He saw this as an opportunity to expose
his music, his style, his whole persona to the masses..and they were willing and accepted him.
They accepted him so well that the very streets he used to walk on with the public – he can no
longer do without the assistance of his personal bodyguard, but always being the one eager to
please - he takes the time to get to know his audience at the expense of always running late!  
With his alliance to the fantastic promotional team, Angels Of Love (AOL), nothing is beyond
his grasp. He has performed all over Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, London, and
more. Stateside he has performed in New York NY, Washington Dc, Atlanta Ga, Detroit Mi,
Chicago Il, Pittsburgh Pa, San Francisco Ca, Richmond Va, Acapulco Mx, Aruba, Jamaica and
he’s just getting started. He has performed by request at the annual Winter Music Conference
and is a crowd favorite.  He is co-front man to the AOL experience, expert dancer, host, and
radio personality, but it is on the tables, and in his music productions, where he truly shines.
His sets are exciting, energetic, explosive, and leaves the crowd cheering for more which he
gladly gives.
His time is now spent crossing the Atlantic between Washington DC and Naples Italy where he
holds DJ Residencies.